Herd Mentality

If you are able to watch horses in the herd system, every horse’s wellbeing in the wild depends upon an submission to the discipline of the herd. The instinct is to take immediate action. To the horse, action is survival. When horses live in a herd environment, they often take turns sleeping and standing guard […]

Is your horse warm enough this winter?

Not everyone will choose to rug their horses, it’s personal preference, but for the winter months we must make sure the horse has enough forage and hard feed given to them over the colder months to keep the weight /condition on. Obviously in some cases older and younger horses/ponies need more food to maintain weight. […]

How to fit a rug

Measure from the centre of the chest to the rear of the horse where you would expect the rug to end. All rugs do fit differently so be prepared to go up or down in sizes but as a rule this is your standard size. Rugs are sold in 3 inch increments. A rug too […]